Shakopee Dog Grooming

Southbridge Community Dog Park – Shakopee: B+

Shakopee has one dog park, and its a really good free dog park. The park is medium sized, with good walking trails. The trails are more of a sand/dirt path, but they drain rather well after a rainfall. The majority of the walking paths have mature trees and good cover from the sun. There is an open spot on the northern end of the park, but the natural landscape grows rather thick and not overly great for walking. This park has a separate area for small dogs, but its a very nice and well kept small dog area. One of the best small dog areas in the Cities. If you want to take a good hike and walk these trails with your dog, its a great option.

The City of Shakopee does have a large sign with the list of rules, which includes:

  • Dogs must be licensed in the City of Shakopee and properly vaccinated.
  • Use of the Off-Leash Dog Park is at the discretion of the handler. The Off-Leash Dog Park is not staff. Owner waives liability to the City of Shakopee for any injury or damage caused by pet. Owners are solely liable for injuries or damages caused by their dog(s).
  • Dogs must be under visual contact and voice control of the handler at all times. A dog is considered under voice control if it will come when called. Dogs are never to be left unattended. Permission must be granted by each handler for dogs to play or interact with another dog.
  • Handlers must remain in the area with their dogs at all times.
  • Each handler must clean up and dispose of dog feces in a sanitary manner, as per City Ordinance. A trash barrel is provided at the park.
  • Dogs that have been declared dangerous, as per City Ordinance or potentially dangerous in any community or that have a history of aggressive behavior are not allowed in the Off-Leash Dog Park. Any dog that exhibits aggressive behaviors must be removed immediately by the handler.
  • Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving the Off-Leash Dog Park. A dog may not be leashed within the Off-Leash Dog Park except for immediate removal. The handler must keep the leash on their person at all times.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Off-Leash Dog Park without a supervising adult, very young children are not recommended to be inside the Off-Leash Dog Park.
  • No more than three (3) pets per dog handler are allowed in the area at any given time.
  • Female dogs in heat or puppies under 4 months are not allowed in the park.
  • No rawhides, food (dog or human), glass bottles, strollers, carriages, bicycles, chairs, skateboards or scooters are allowed in the dog park.
  • Professional dog trainers are not allowed to use the facility to conduct business.
  • This park is tobacco, drugs and alcohol free.
  • The small dog area is limited to dogs no taller than 13″ at the shoulder that weigh no more than 25 pounds.
  • City of Shakopee Ordinance Chapter 14 and Chapter 10, Sec.10.21 applies to this Park. City Ordinances will be enforced.
  • This park is for everyone; please be considerate!
  • Always dial 911 in an emergency!

Shakopee Parks & Recreation Department: (952) 233-9500