Grooming Service

Full Grooming Services includes: Bath, dry, clippered haircut up to 1 inch in length, nail trimming, ear cleaning, & teeth cleaning.

Bath/Deshed Service

Don’t need a haircut but your dog is shedding all over the house? Come in and let us deshed their coats and make them clean.

Puppy Basics

Bring in your puppy for their first grooming experience. This puppy basics package will introduce them to the grooming shop. 

Senior Dogs

Older dogs still like to smell fresh and clean. Bring in your senior dog for a gentle and calm grooming experience.

Nail Trimming

A la carte nail trimming/filing. Please book ahead of time to schedule a nail trimming appointment. We can usually schedule you the same day!

These fees may be charged to clients based on their requests and/or needs for their dogs: $25 – Express Groom:  Owners requiring to pick up

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