Grooming Pricing

Our pricing for grooming is based on the time and complexity of your desired style. Price quotes are based on breed standard grooming per the American Kennel Club. We do not attempt to “up charge” you with various services/products (blueberry facials, etc) that are not needed for your dog. Each price quote on our site states the standard services included with every grooming/deshed/bath service we offer.

The following charges will apply based on your individual dog if needed:

Matting ($10 – $40)

Matting is when your dog’s hair becomes tangled and will form a large clump of hair that cannot be combed through. Light matting can be brushed out, however matting continues to become an issue if you have waited longer than 5 weeks for a grooming appointment. Consistent brushing and grooming helps reduce matting.

Hand Scissoring ($5 – $40)

Our standard pricing is based on using a clipper and blades 1 inch of length or shorter. If you would like a longer haircut for your dog, we will use hand scissoring to keep the desired length of hair for your dog. This takes additional time and skill and will be added to the standard pricing based on your preferred haircut.


Aggressive Dog Fee ($10 – $30)

Some dogs do not respond well to other dogs, or to grooming services at all. These aggressive dogs take longer to groom and are a higher risk of injury for our staff. This added time and risk will be added to the standard grooming price if applicable.