Lakeville Dog Grooming

City of Lakeville

City Population:  57,342
Dog Population:  11,914

Dog population estimated based on national or state averages based on households per city. 

Cleary Lake Dog Park: A+

While Cleary Lake is considered in Prior Lake, it is still considered by us to be the best dog park in the south metro, and worth the extra drive. This park is managed by the Three Rivers Park District. A permit for the park will cost you $45.00 per year. This park has 28 acres of land with walking trails throughout. There is also a pond which has its own fencing around it, so your dog does not jump into the pond unless you want them to. There are usually a good amount of dogs at this dog park, so you may see many different breeds. At the entrance of this park, there are pet waste bags supplied, and a good water supply as well. They recently upgraded the walking paths with pea gravel so they won’t be muddy after a heavy rainfall. You can visit the park and pay the $6.00 for a day pass (the website states $6.00, but the ticket at the park states $6.50), which is a good option if you want to try it out.

Ritter Farm Dog Park: B-

The City of Lakeville carved out a piece of the Ritter Farm Park and dedicated it to an off-leash dog park area. This 13 acre park is easy to find as you cross over I-35 and enter the Ritter Park area. This park opened in 2016, and gets a decent amount of dogs that visit the park. There is no admission price to use the park. The list of rules are pretty standard, which include:

  • Dogs must be under handler’s control
  • Proof of rabies vaccination must be in possession
  • Maximum 2 dogs per handler
  • Clean-up after your dog
  • Aggressive behavior is not allowed
  • Female dogs in heat or puppies under the age of 4 months are not allowed
  • Dogs outside of off-leash area must be leashed
  • Children must be supervised

Overall a good free dog park. The trails could be better maintained. Whatever plant life is in the park tends to grow fast and takes over some of the trail space. When we visited in September, 2017, the small dog zone was closed due to a invasive weed problem. Good dog attendance at this dog park, but you will hear a good amount of road noise from I-35 when you walk this park. Good place for your dog to get exercise. Hopefully the City of Lakeville continues to improve this dog park over the coming years. Its off to a good start.