How long will it take until you are done?

We inform clients it will take between 2 and 4 hours until your dog is ready to be picked up. We ask that you do not show up prior to us calling you to inform you when your dog will be ready for pickup. If you do show up before we are done, your dog will see you, and will get very excited seeing you again. They will want to go with you.

We utilize block scheduling, which uses 3 main drop off times for grooming. This limits the amount of distractions in order to focus on your dog to get them groomed efficiently and safely. Larger or thicker coated dogs can expect a longer wait time.

If your dog needs an express groom, please book during the 8:00am time slot, and request an express groom at that time. If you would like an express groom at a different time slot, an additional fee will apply.

When should my puppy get its first haircut?

We encourage you to bring in your dog as soon as you can when you get a puppy. A puppy’s first haircut should be quick and fun. The longer you wait, the more of a chance your puppy’s hair will become matted, which will not make for a very fun first experience at the grooming shop. We want your puppy’s first experience to be a happy one, so they begin to enjoy grooming rather than having painful memories of the last time they were at the groomer. If you’re not ready for a full haircut, bring your puppy in for a bath and brush out to get them socialized to the grooming process.

Why won't you brush out my matted dog?

If there is light matting, we will.  But many times the matting is severe enough where it becomes too painful and time consuming for us to demat your dog. A dog will only allow us to tug on their matted hair/skin for so long until they show their displeasure of this. If you choose to wait over 7 weeks to get your dog groomed, be prepared for matting to appear and most likely require a short haircut to remove the matting. We will not cut out matted parts of hair with your dog. The best solution is to shave underneath the mats, and allow the hair to grow back at similar lengths.

Do you kennel dry dogs?

We prefer to table dry dogs with a high velocity dryer. Most of the dogs we groom will be dried using a high velocity dryer. The high velocity dryer allows for a higher quality look. However the high velocity dryer does make a sound similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. Some dogs are scared of the vacuum, and will get worked up as a result of this dryer turning on. Those dogs become very excited, and its better for their health to just kennel dry them. Our kennel dryers do not have a heating element, so it is safe for your dog to take a rest and gently dry in a kennel.

Should I tip my dog groomer?

Tipping is customary in service industries such as dog grooming.

Do you accept walk in clients?

We do not accept walk in clients. Please book an appointment via the online booking option, or calling the shop to make a reservation. Booking online will receive a $5 discount on their grooming service at checkout.

Will my dog be put in a kennel/crate?

Most likely yes. We do not allow client’s dogs to roam or socialize at the shop. Your dog will need to stay in a kennel before and after their grooming. We do have one room available to hold dogs that are kennel shy, but we only have one room available for that. We call/text clients and inform them of the estimated time their dog will be ready to be picked up. We ask clients to help us out by returning to pick up their dogs so we do not have to keep your dog for longer than their grooming appointment. Your dog is happiest to be with you.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

Different breeds require different grooming needs. If your dog requires a clippered/scissored haircut, you must decide if you want your dog’s hair kept long or short. Longer hairstyles require more frequent grooming and its advised to get your dog groomed no more than 4 weeks in between trimmings. Shorter hairstyles allow for 6 week grooming schedules with most breeds.

If your dog does not require a clippered/scissored haircut, then it is up to the client to decide how much their dog is shedding around the house, and how much they are comfortable with. Most dogs benefit from a bath/deshed service once every 8 weeks to reduce the amount of shedding and keep their dog smelling good. It is important to get your dog’s nails trimmed every 4 – 6 weeks. Nail trimming is included in the standard grooming appointment.

Can I stay to watch you groom my dog?

We do allow for you to stay and watch us groom your dog. However we have strict rules to follow when choosing this option. We must ensure that all dogs have a safe environment to get a haircut. If your dog, or other dogs are focused on you, they will become excited and wiggly, which causes for a higher risk of them becoming injured during the grooming process. The Rules to follow are these:

  • You must stay in the lobby area
  • You must stay inside the lobby area for the entire duration of the groom (not coming in and out)
  • We ask that you do not communicate with your dog while they are being groomed.

Please note: Grooming can take up to 4 hours in certain cases, so be prepared to sit quietly for a long period of time.

What happens if I'm late to pick up my dog?

Appointments later in the day are notified 15 to 20 minutes prior to their dog’s groom being finished. In certain cases we will be open later than our stated business hours. If a client chooses to be late for picking up their dog from their groom, we reserve the right to charge $40 per hour for forcing our staff to stay at the shop longer than stated business hours.