Eagan Dog Grooming

City of Eagan

City Population:   65,453
Dog Population:   15,959

Dog population estimated based on national or state averages based on households per city. 

Thresher Fields Park – C+

The City of Eagan has a decent option for and off-leash dog park. This option is north of Yankee Doodle Road around Mike Collins Drive and is called Thresher Fields Park. The upsides to this park is a larger small dog area than most other dog parks offer. They also have pet waste bags available for use. They have put wood mulch down on the trails, which makes it not as muddy as some other dog parks can get.

The downsides involve the terrain that the park lies on. They have very steep slopes in a couple instances, which can be hard for some walkers, its more of a hike. At the time we came to the park, it seemed as though they have not cut the grass there, so the open fields have very high grass with thistles. If the open fields were better maintained, we would rank this dog park higher. Its a good small dog park, just could use a little maintenance.