Puppy Basics

Puppy Basics

Bring in your puppy for their first grooming experience. This puppy basics package will introduce them to the grooming shop. 

Puppies need good socialization experiences in their first 6 months of their lives. Socialization to many different things is crucial for your puppy to develop confidence in handling the new experiences each day. Grooming will play a role in your dog’s life and can be a great socialization experience for them. Introducing your puppy to grooming early will help them to associate good things when going to the grooming shop. Here are some of the things your puppy can think about their first grooming experience:

  • “New people really like to see me”
  • “So many new things to see and smell here!”
  • “These new people are really excited when I do these new things!”
  • “Mom or dad left me here…….but they came back! They must love me!”

Clients who wait too long for their puppy’s first grooming experience can cause some problems. If your puppy is matted, their first grooming experience will be more intensive and not very fun for them. Dematting a puppy’s hair is not a fun experience for them or our staff.

We encourage owners to bring their puppy to the shop to get a Puppy Basics service as soon as they are able to come in. This service contains:

  • Gentle bath and dry
  • Brushing
  • Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Cleaning
  • Trimming of Eyes, Feet, and Sanitary Areas
  • Quick Deshed Service (if applicable)
  • Socialization to the sights, sounds, smells and tools of the grooming shop.

Come in and get your puppy off to the right start with grooming. Our staff is trained to handle the high energy that puppies possess, and love giving them a gentle and fun grooming experience. Getting your puppy started early will set them up for a good attitude towards grooming for the rest of their lives.