About Pet Salon Bark Avenue

Pet Salon Bark Avenue is a dog grooming salon that focuses on the breed standard grooms. We specialize in the difference between standard grooming across various breeds. We help educate our clients on the specific nature of their dog’s breed and coat structure, and inform them of the requirements needed for high end grooming techniques to be performed.
Our approach with your dog is to provide a calm, gentle, and routine grooming environment so they know what they can expect when they come to our shop.

  • Calm.  We attempt to limit distractions by providing online booking options to limit the amount of phone calls, and a few drop off times in order to limit the amount of client interruptions coming in and out of the shop.
  • Gentle.  We know how to properly lift, hold, and groom your dog. Your dog will know we care about them by handling them in a safe and gentle manner.
  • Routine.  Dogs like knowing what is going to happen. Once they have had a good experience at our shop, we want to replicate that experience, so every time your dog shows up, it knows what to expect, and remembers how good it was.

Pet Salon Bark Avenue’s Mission

”Our goal is to have your dog happy to come to the grooming shop. We treat all dogs with respect and care for them as if they were our own. All dogs are different, and each requires individual care. Our team will do our best to have your dog looking their best. We take pride in working with clients who care for their dogs and make their dog’s health a priority.”

Problems with your Groom?

We take pride in caring for your dog while providing a top quality grooming experience. If you ever have a problem with your groom, we want to know about it. We ask that you communicate to us any issues within 24 hours of your grooming service. If we made a mistake, we want to fix it. If we can modify the groom so you are happier with it, we will do it. We take responsibility for what we do. If you feel we injured your dog while in our care, we ask for you to bring your dog back to to shop to have us inspect the injury, and we will give appropriate care at our shop, or bring them to our Vet if it is warranted. We ask clients to be fair with us. If you are a client who brings your dog in heavily matted, expects us to work a miracle, and then complains on social media 2 months after your groom, please go elsewhere.

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