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Double Dog Discount – $5

Bring in more than 1 dog, and receive $5 on each additional dog.

Rebook at Checkout – $5

Rebook your next appointment at Checkout and receive a $5 discount on each dog on  your next grooming service.

Online Booking – $3

Book your next appointment online and receive a $3 discount per dog on your grooming service.

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Welcome to Pet Salon Bark Avenue

Have you been looking for an experienced groomer to groom your dog? At Pet Salon Bark Avenue, we treat your dog like we would our own. We are here to provide a gentle and safe grooming experience for your dog. From the super excited puppies coming in for their first grooming experience, to the senior dogs that don’t have the energy they once used to, we have the experience needed to handle all different temperaments and energy levels. We also are knowledgeable in handling dogs with special needs, as well as able to handle many dogs with aggressive tendencies.
Our Company believes in continually improving our performance. We attend educational seminars to learn the newest grooming techniques, and are a member of the ISCC – International Society of Canine Cosmetologists. We have a solid website of information for our clients, as well as an online booking option for scheduling their next grooming appointment. We appreciate our customers and strive to provide the best quality service for them each time they enter our shop.
Owner - Master Pet Stylist
Specialties:  Schnauzers, Puppies, Hand Scissor Trims, Rare Breeds, Large Double-Coated Breeds (more…)
Specialties:   Golden Retrievers, Doodles, Fearful Pets, Puppy Mill Rescues, Express Grooms, King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. (more…)
Specialties:  Shih Tzus, Westies, Anxious Dogs, RAGOM Foster Dogs, Special Needs Dogs.
Shop Dog
Specialties:  Begging for treats, Greeting customers, Napping, Hopefully more Treats. (more…)

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Full Grooming Services includes: Bath, dry, clippered haircut up to 1 inch in length, nail trimming, ear cleaning, & teeth cleaning.

Don’t need a haircut but your dog is shedding all over the house? Come in and let us deshed their coats and make them clean.

Bring in your puppy for their first grooming experience. This puppy basics package will introduce them to the grooming shop. 

Older dogs still like to smell fresh and clean. Bring in your senior dog for a gentle and calm grooming experience.

A la carte nail trimming/filing. Please book ahead of time to schedule a nail trimming appointment. We can usually schedule you the same day!

These fees may be charged to clients based on their requests and/or needs for their dogs: $25 – Express Groom:  Owners requiring to pick up